Online Gambling, Prohibition and the Cookie Jar?

Online Gambling Wild JokerOnline Gambling a Necessary Prohibition?

Even the most obedient children and the most respectful of their parents wishes will be tempted when they are told not to take a cookie from the cookie jar.  If the jar is put out of hands reach, but still in view, it creates an even bigger temptation.  This kicks in a puzzle to be solved, how to get the cookies?  When you really want something, your brain and body work together to devise a plan to obtain it.  Some will go to any lengths to get the cookie.  Even though the parent may be doing the right thing by putting the cookies out of reach, they do so because they understand human nature and how focused desire can lead to over-indulgence, is it the right thing for the parent to do?  Of course, having a child gorge on cookies certainly is not a behavior to endorse.

In comparison to prohibiting online gambling in the United States, the cookie jar example has many correlations, but the glaring difference is that the United States Government are not parents, we are not children and instead of creating an environment of safety and protection, a more dangerous environment has been created.  In the Prohibition of Online Gambling in the United States, adult citizens are not allowed to gamble online, even though they desire to do so.  This leads them to unsafe websites that prey on that desire for personal freedom and thus, actually cause serious harm.

The question of prohibition

Cookies, online gambling, drugs and alcohol.  Time over time, the United States has proven through the actions of her citizens that if something is prohibited, a new and illegal industry will spring up around it.  When booze was illegal, underground bars were established.  When people were told that growing a crop of marijuana was illegal, the illegal drug industry was created.  The same goes for pretty much anything that United States Government says not to do.  If the US Government say no, then an illegal empire is created. Even something as innocuous as a cigar from Cuba.

Taking away the power of doing something wrong

What happens when the laws change in favor of the bad behavior; or in other words, letting the child eat their fill of cookies until they are sick?  The end of prohibition, did it create a society of alcoholics? Did it create a need for organizations like AA or was AA already needed, but people’s addictions had to remain hidden?

Do we understand why the government wants to ban things that are addictive?  Absolutely!  Trying to manage a country of addicts must be one the top three jobs in hell, but the problems America faces in addictive activities and substance are still here regardless if they are prohibited or not.  It’s time to allow online gambling, have it controlled by the states or a federally regulated organization, protect US economic interests by not allowing offshore gambling companies or companies with no US interests if you must; but it is definitely time to shut down a culture of illegal gambling.

The decision to make bad choices is the right of every American.  If you want Americans to make good choices, then bolster the education system, teach that temptations can be the ruin of one person, family, village or country, but don’t create sub-economies like black markets, drug cartels and illegal gambling rings with good intention-ed,  prohibitive policies.

Online Gambling and the Economy

Online gaming is a massive boon to an economy.  Look at the recent figures reported by the BBC on gambling in the UK.  What is now a £42bn dollar industry will turn into a £60bn once the laws pertaining to how offshore gambling go into effect.  If the US successfully locks down online gambling to an in-country only venture, it could possibly reduce the debt that it is facing right now.  There would need to be state and federally run casinos, but it could easily be done.  Will this turn the United States into a country of degenerate gamblers?  Absolutely not.  The United Kingdom and other countries in the world that have a handle on online gambling seem to be doing just fine.

Online gambling could simply be another stream of revenue for the United States, far more than what they could possibly seize from illegal ventures related to online gambling.  Right now, online gambling related legislation is ready to pass into law, but is being derailed or placed on indefinite hold at every turn.  Online gambling poses no more of a threat  to the United States than lotteries do, the difference is that online gambling can actually bring in the money that lottery commissions promised and have yet to demonstrate.

Online Gambling Prohibition

Continuing to prohibit online gambling in the United States is only causing money to bleed out of the country as US citizens look for online gambling outfits that reside outside the jurisdiction of the US, but cater to its citizens.  Offshore gambling companies are profiting from the United States and its prohibition on gambling.  If online gambling legislation were to pass, it would curtail that money from leaking out and instead remain in the US to bolster the economic interests of the US.