Wild Joker Poker Las Vegas News

Wild Joker Poker Las Vegas News

Las Vegas Mini CasinosA new trend happening in Las Vegas are what are being called mini casinos.  In this new era for Las Vegas casinos, mini casinos are bringing in a more sophisticated clientele ready to party and ready to gamble.  Instead of the stuffy old casinos that have had the same carpet, free drinks and cocktail servers since the sixties; these new casinos are more akin to a nightclub atmosphere and gambling experience.

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The idea is old though, as old as gambling and that’s to keep players entertained long enough to keep them in the casinos.  Today’s player wants to get more from their dollar though, even if they do know they may end up losing everything in their pocket or reaching the limits on their debit cards.  What the modern Las Vegas Casino partygoer wants is a good time.

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The Margaritaville Online Casino has this in mind.  Tied into to the good food of the well known restaurant, the casino is aimed at attracting twenty somethings to a fun, party environment.  This new business model will surely be mimicked and usher in a new era of gaming casinos to Las Vegas.  Be on the look out for these mini casinos or party pits as they are also being referred to as.

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